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DW Design Series 7pc Drum Set Silver Sparkle Lacquer

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DW Design Series 7pc Drum Set Silver Sparkle Lacquer


Years of drum set making experience and expertise went into developing this brand new line of drums. Each drum is finished in one of three durable lacquer colors and outfitted with a newly-designed low mass mini turret lug. Snares include an artist-approved MAG throw-off and all drums feature True Pitch Tuning and DW heads by Remo. Add to that a selection of DW's most popular F.A.S.T. sizes and our STM mounting system.

Features: 8 ply Maple shell Vertical Low Timbre grain orientation with an outer horizontal ply


  • 18x22 Bass Drum
  • 7x8 Tom Tom
  • 8x10 Tom Tom
  • 9x12 Tom Tom
  • 12x14 Floor
  • 14x16 Floor Tom
  • 6.5x14 Snare drum (deeper snare drum than traditional Design kits)
  • Piano Black Wood Hoops (easy to replace if broken or scratched in the future).

Customer Reviews 5

5 Star Review

DW Design Series 7pc Jut


First let me say that Erik Paulson went above and beyond with customer service!
CymbalFusion really treated me great. They actually sent me this DW Dream kit, and offers free shipping to Hawaii! That’s rare !
Everything arrived in ; days in perfect condition.. I am very very pleased !
Thank everyone at CymbalFusion!
I’ll be back !
Mickey in Honolulu, HI

5 Star Review

DW quality for a great price.


This kit arrived in two days from Cymbalfusion via Fedex and came in four boxes.
From the moment I opened the first box I noticed the quality of the lacquer finish. This kit really does look amazing.
This shell pack replaced an old Mapex kit that I had and there is a significant difference in the overall weight and construction between the two kits.
I'll admit that I was pretty skeptical at first being that this DW set was cheaper than many other stores. I called Cymbalfusion to confirm that this was a real DW set and inquired what their return policy was. The associate informed me that this particular finish was designed specifically for Cymbalfusion and they had fifty some sets in stock ready to be shipped. Both is 7pc and 5 pc. I have always wanted a extra floor tom so I inevitably went with the 7pc.
Don't let this price point fool you into thinking you are getting a set made in Taiwan that is inferior or cheaply made. This kit is made in DW's California factory using the same techniques and dedication DW is known for.
The shells themselves are a lot like the collector series with some exceptions. ie, smaller lugs, different shell construction, (mainly the way they lay the grains while constructing the shell), and other various details that really make the collector series sing.
However, once I got the shells tuned and set up the way I wanted, I noticed a very even and consistent sound. The heads they ship this kit with are nice, they tune well and have a nice feel. The natural tone that comes from this kit is pleasing to my ear, but I will most likely change the heads in the very near future. Lets face it, heads are a personal choice and its nice to stick with heads that you are comfortable with.
DW did an incredible job at getting a very nice sounding and looking kit affordable for those of us who drool over their products.
I have only had this kit now for about two weeks, but I really like the crispness of the snare and the natural tone of the toms.
If you watch some of the DW videos, John Goodman tells you to match the tuning to the natural ring of the toms by tapping the outer shell itself and then tuning the head to that note. Maybe most of you knew that already, but I did not and I think that really helped to bring the natural tone out of these shells.
The hardware on this set is very high quality and it seems like gone are the days of stripping lugs and mounts due to over-tightening or shotty materials.
I will also admit that this purchase sort of segued into me purchasing new racks and other various pieces which inevitably drove the price up a bit. However, my original budget was $3000.00 and I was able to construct a kit for less than that and get a great sounding set for just under my budget.
Overall, I am very pleased with this shell-pack and the level of service that Cymbalfusion has delivered.
This shell pack is certainly worth your attention if you are in the market for a new kit.
You don't have to spend $7000.00 to get a good sounding and fun to play set.
I hope this helps!


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