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British Drum Company "Joe's Butler"

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British Drum Company Joe's Butler

Empty your pockets, and keep the area around your feet clear with Joe’s Butler. Attach this to your hi-hat or cymbal stand using a standard L-arm and you have a place to keep your, keys, wallet, phone and drinks. There’s even a place for your drum key and a pen for those last minute changes to your set list. Created in conjunction with Joe Donovan of British rockers Blossoms, Joe’s Butler is the ideal companion for stage or studio.

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The Organized Drummer


Let me start out by saying , yes you can use anything to hold your stuff , this is just a lot more organized .
when i either go to band practice or just in house drum practicing , i like things to be comfortable , and keeping my pockets empty , gives me a more enjoyable playing session , This drum butler does just that . it holds my keys , change , drum keys and water bottle to keep me hydrated , it looks great . i feel well worth the money . and it goes where i go , easy on / easy off ... i just recently put a veneer wrap around it and clear coated it to match my kit and it looks custom made . well worth the investment and i know where everything is when i leave ... hope this helps .

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