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DW Performance Series Low Pro 3pc Shell Pack - Black Diamond

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For a versatile and portable travel drum set, pick up this configuration today, which includes the following drums:

  • 3" x 10" Tom
  • 3" x 13" Tom
  • 3" x 20" Bass Drum
  • Bass Drum Stabilizer
  • Tom Holder

Named "Best in Show" at NAMM 2018, the DW LowPro Travel Drum Set is DW's answer to the rising popularity of great-sounding travel-sized drum sets. Comprised entirely of ultra-shallow, single-headed drums, the DW LowPro is sure to save you stage space and set-up time while still providing professional-level sounds.

Using the DW Pancake Bass Drum as a starting point, the DW LowPro Travel Drum Set utilizes a redesigned stand that runs through the shell of the bass drum to allow the mounting of rack toms and increased stability. An arm extending from the right side of the bass drum allows you to mount the lower tom, and includes a stabilizing leg so you can feel free to play out without worrying about damaging the hardware.

Unique to the four-piece configuration is the inclusion of the 12" "Snom" (a portmanteau of "Snare" and "Tom") which can serve as either drum with just a flick of the strainer. This allows you to use the "Snom" as your main snare, as another tom if you prefer to use a different snare, or as a secondary snare. This ensures your set-up is extremely versatile and, more importantly, unique to you.

Each drum is made from 9 plies of maple, and using DW's VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) configuration. This means the outer- and inner-most plies run vertically rather than horizontally (a more common configuration), allowing the drums to resonate more freely.

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DW Performance Series Low Pro 3pc Shell Pack - Black DiamondX

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