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DW 9701 Low Boom Ride Cymbal Stand

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The DW 9701 Low Boom Ride Cymbal Stand is a Single-Tier, extra low "cut down" version of the popular 9700 stand. This stand allows for lower placement of any cymbal in your arsenal. DW designers, drummers and techs around the world insist on memory locks on the tube joints and the tripod leg assembly, plastic tube insulators, toothless tilters, large reset handles, secondary tilter locks, cymbal space adjusters and heavy gauge tubing.

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5 Star Review

High praise for the Low Boom


I find that most brands of standard stands will go impossibly high, but then lack the flexibility to go low enough without the boom arm ending up straight across and giving the ride cymbal little room to swing freely without a stand collision. This stand fixes all that. Still easily goes to standard height ranges easily, but can go as low as you might want and maintain good angles and balance. Maybe this should be considered the standard stand and "normal" stands should be called "high" booms.

5 Star Review



Perfect product, fair price and perfect service

Thank you

5 Star Review

Can't go wrong with 9000 series hardware from DW


Lower height works well for ride cymbals. Rock solid hardware. I wish it had shipped inside an overpack box. FedEx beat it up pretty good. Stand was undamaged though.

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