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Gibraltar SC-3264 Wood Beater Long Black Shaft

SKU: SC-3264
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Gibraltar natural wood with red lacquer finish ball shaped bass drum beater. This beater has a long black steel shaft for larger diameter bass drums. Wood beaters have a lot of attack so lend very well to the heavy hitting required for metal or rock. Because this is such a serious beater it's pretty hard on your bass drum head, one solution is to buy a bass drum patch or impact pad to extend the life of your head.

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Wood Beaters for METAL are WIN


Recently got a pair of these for our studio kit at Silent Underground Studio. Wooden beaters are absolutely the best sounding beaters for Metal Style music. Plenty of thump and awesome click. also add a bit of weight if you prefer a Solid kick feel. Gibraltar builds these tough and they are WAY cheaper than the Danmar equivalents. Can't be beat !!

Daniel @

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