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Roland TD-50DPA V-Drums Digital Kit Pack

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Roland TD-50DPA V-Drums Digital Kit Pack Drum Module with 14" Digital Snare Trigger Pad and 18" Digital Ride Cymbal Pad

The Roland TD-50 Digital Pack includes Roland's latest Drum Module, their new digital snare pad and digital ride cymbal for the ultimate drumming experience.

A great way for TD-30 and TD-20 owners to upgrade with the latest V-Drums sound engine and ultra-expressive pads.

TD-50 Drum Sound Module:
All new sounds,digital pad inputs, advanced editing, .WAV import , sound layering, Multi channel Digital Audio via USB

PD-140DS- 14" Digital Snare:
Multi sensor technolgy for amazing playability. Triple ply mesh head and steel shell for great feel. Unique mute sensor allows crosstick playing using traditional drumming techniques.

CY-18DR 18" Digital Ride:
Multi sensor technolgy for amazing playability. 18" size and weight adds to the feel. 3-way triggering (edge, bow, and bell) with choke and mute sensor.

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